On-Demand Services

Intelligent consulting services designed to meet evolving needs.

On-Demand Services solve the most challenging issues facing maturing Epic implementations by creatively delivering the resources needed, when needed, at a reasonable cost.

Whether you’re doing quarterly updates, optimizations, have a new acquisition, are adding a Community Connect partner, or have maintenance and support, the constant work and pace of change can tax your resources and pull your focus from high-value activities. This can’t always be solved with multiple consultants, nor is the budget always there if it could. This is why we pioneered On-Demand Epic Services.

A dedicated, U .S.-based, Epic-certified team available On-Demand

The Contineo On-Demand team is made up of nearly 150 full-time, senior-level Epic certified consultants. On average, our team-members have been employed by Contineo for almost 4 years, have 3.5 Epic certifications, and worked on no less than 3 full life-cycle implementations. Having this talent as our fulltime staff separates us from every other firm. It is this team that enables us to provide the support you need, when needed.

Flexible, Scalable, and Reliable

If you are looking for application support tomorrow or complex development in two months, our team can help. If you need one person for 20 hours or 10 people for a massive interface conversion project, we can help. But more than being flexible and scalable, Contineo’s services are reliable thanks to the longevity of our team members. Additionally, any consultant assigned to your account is earmarked for you for 12 months or the total term of your On-Demand engagement.

ContineoHealth believes great consulting doesn’t have to be expensive — and we prove it.

Download our On-Demand Services one-pager to share with your team.


Start with your project objective(s) and desired outcome. Work backwards into a One-Page Scope. Charge a fixed, semi-fixed, or cost-per-unit fee (Credit). Guarantee the outcome.


Start with an understanding of applications needed. Secure resources with a small monthly retainer (includes hours credit). Guarantee consultant availability within 48 hours.

Distributed Consulting

Estimate annual or semi-annual support hours starting as few as 150 hours. Reserve support team availability (up to 4 resources). Pricing discount based on hours. Fixed cost per-hour if hours exceeded. 72-hour availability.