Epic Consulting Services

Contineo delivers the best Epic Consulting Services in the nation bar none.

For more than a decade, Contineo Health (Contineo) has provided healthcare information technology (HIT) consulting and staffing services for Epic and other IT projects including strategy, advisory, project management, implementation, optimization, and consulting services supporting numerous healthcare organizations nationwide. Contineo excels at integrating healthcare data and optimizing clinical workflows to enable health systems to succeed at emerging models of population health and value-based care.

With our founding in healthcare BI and analytics, and thanks to a robust internal staff, we have an uncommon depth of in-house expertise around Population Health Infrastructure, Enterprise BI/ DW/Analytics and Quality Measure Compliance. This expertise supports healthcare organizations as they connect and integrate health data to increase efficiency of care and improve wellness, health outcomes and care coordination while lowering the rising costs of healthcare.

Some of the key features and advantages realized by our clients include:

Our Team

Contineo’s Epic practice is comprised of hundreds of certified consultants, giving access to senior-level, Epic-certified professionals. Our bench includes 70+ professionals who have, on average, been employed by Contineo for 4 years, have 3 Epic certifications, and have worked on at least 3 full life-cycle implementations. Having this talent on our full-time staff separates us from every other firm and allows us to provide the Epic support you need, when you need it.

Proven Experience

Our clients include public, not-for-profit, private, for-profit, and academic medical centers. We understand the complexity and challenges of implementing Epic across a variety of healthcare delivery systems.

Specialization in Epic

Our Client Support Team collaborates closely with managers, directors and other leadership as we support your Epic project and teams. We work to ensure optimum satisfaction and exceptional customer service. Our areas of expertise include (but are not limited to):

  • Leadership and project management
  • Assessment, strategy, and implementation planning
  • Implementation, workflow, build, and rollout
  • Principal and credentialed training
  • Go-Live readiness, go-lives, and production support
  • Continuous optimization
  • Upgrades and refuels
  • On-Demand, Statement of Work and Managed Services
  • Ongoing maintenance
  • Support roll-off
  • Legacy support and management
  • BPO and RCM services
  • Cloud Advisory Infrastructure and Implementation
  • Cybersecurity

We have proven expertise in Epic implementation, optimization and customization in every Epic domain including (not limited to):

  • EpicCare Ambulatory, MyChart, Care Everywhere, Security, and Inpatient (ClinDoc, Orders, OpTime, Anesthesia, etc.)
  • Epic Population Health (Healthy Planet, Registries, Risk Stratification)
  • Epic Patient Access (Cadence, Grand Central, Prelude, Referrals, RTE)
  • Epic Revenue Cycle (Resolute HB/PB, SBO, Claims, Tapestry)
  • Data Integration (Epic Bridges, Interconnect, Cache, HL7/FHIR)
  • Epic Ancillaries (Beaker, Willow, Radiant, Beacon, etc.)

Smart Service Delivery

Contineo has been delivering Epic consulting services for more than 14 years and uses a best-in-class methodology to ensure only the highest quality resources are chosen, ongoing performance is monitored, and the highest level of customer satisfaction occurs. This is evidenced by our 98% project completion rate, which well exceeds the Epic consulting market and only occurs with passion, commitment, highly capable team members, a stringent qualification process and intentional follow-through at every stage of a project.

We ensure Clients experience complete satisfaction with the proactive execution of our Contineo SMART account management process.

Single point of contact. Simplification of process is valuable for our clients. This starts from the very beginning of the engagement by having a single point of contact for all things.

Multiple supporting members. Behind the single point of contact will be a solid support structure.

Accountability metrics and reports. Divisional and team wide metrics and reports are tracked, compiled, and reviewed by our internal team, and managed actively to deliver beyond Client expectations.

Review and Executive oversite. Accountability metrics and reporting are shared with a company executive. Any findings, positive or negative, are shared with Clients. This avoids the need for “escalations” as client satisfaction is escalated as a matter of practice for Contineo.

Team evaluation and continuous improvement. We actively and intentionally leverage a continuous improvement approach and are open to finding issues before they arise. We will always communicate openly and transparently to Client leadership regarding any findings.

Contineo is different.

Our approach to the market, to staffing, and to customer service is different.

A different approach to the market. Contineo is not interested in generally supporting all Epic implementations — rather, effectively supporting a few. The value is evident; Contineo will understand your project, your goals, your team members, and be able to align with you more effectively. We understand the overall value of the administrative and detail-oriented aspects that can impact your project(s), such as candidate screening, onboarding, regulatory adherence specific to each client, invoicing, reporting, and
more. Having fewer clients, and choosing those clients based on our ability to serve them effectively, is a difference that will be obvious from the beginning of any engagement or project through to its successful completion, and every engagement thereafter.

Different in staffing. Out of our 150 current consultants, 70 of them are full-time Contineo employees. These resources are not recruited in the traditional sense – rather, they are on our staff. The result is unparalleled reliability, stability, and increased customer satisfaction.

Different in customer service. Delivering exceptional services is what the team at Contineo does every day. From our leadership to our operations team, and everybody in between, we deliver the best service in the history of the world for our Clients, Consultants, and Employees. This commitment may sound like hyperbole or flippancy, but it is not. It is what we call our obsession, and we will do all we can to prove this with every interaction.