Behavioral Health Workflow Implementation

Behavioral Health Workflow Implementation

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Mental Health conditions cost US over $200 Billion making it the most expensive
medical condition in our country. People with serious mental illness die on average 25
years earlier than those without, primarily due to the comorbidities with diabetes, heart
disease & asthma.

Contineo has been collaborating with various hospitals implementing Epic, Cerner,
Meditech & other EMRs to accelerate clinical information interoperability between
physical and behavioral health providers and improve coordination across various
modalities of care for people with mental illness. Data Integration with Behavioral Health
softwares such as myAvatar, Valant, MedEZ into the current EMR workflows is a key
component of our work.

We emphasize on holding specialty design sessions for the behavioral health user
group to help SMEs make decisions about clinical content and customize the system for
their specialty.

Inpatient Evaluation Design Categories:

1) Nurse documents on admitted patient
2) Nurse Completes initial assessments
3) Psychiatrist meets and continues documentation, created treatment plan
4) Design the Inpatient navigator for efficient flow

Outpatient Workflow Design Categories:

1) Patient Review tools,
2) Ordering tools,
3) Documentation tools,
4) Charging tools and
5) Clinical Decision support tools (based on Analytical Engines)

Group Therapy Sessions: Group therapy sessions can be designed in both Inpatient
and outpatient settings:

1) Psychiatric treatment plan
2) Problem List, ICD-10 codes
3) Medications
4) Outpatient Synopsis
5) Confidentiality

Contineo Health Advantage

  • Experience working with various health systems to develop their EMR specific
    Inpatient, Outpatient therapy, follow-up office visits and Group Discussion visits.
  • Proven Population Health Implementation and Integration expertise with Epic &
    Cerner Inpatient, Ambulatory & Population Health modules.
  • Experience with organizational change management and clinical process redesign.
    Clinical Experience in Group therapy session design and planning with focus on
    patient privacy.
  • Designing & Implementing Psychiatric treatment plans, including designing
    preference lists, smartsets, synopsis, confidentiality settings and so on.
  • External EMR mapping, design and integration, (e.g myAvatar workflows into Epic
    & Cerner Inpatient and Outpatient settings). Our dedicated interoperability team
    ensures there are minimal workflow disruptions for the clinical user.
  • Accelerated deployment once the build plan is finalized. Weekly updates and
    stakeholder meetings to track updates and progress on the program. Early
    detection of problems leading to quick resolution.

Billing and Revenue Cycle training
Adding Behavioral Health services means knowing what services you can bill for, learning
a web of new codes and numbers, identifying which staff members can be reimbursed,
training staff to code services appropriately and taking advantage of new payment
methods. Contineo Methodology:

  • Build a streamlined revenue process with your Hospital and Professional Billing
    teams to ensure all appropriate charges are available to end users.
  • Design payor/plan and alternate payor logic to account for managed care, fee for
    service, and capitated plans.
  • Setup Claim grouping rules to bundle the charges, components and component
    groups to handle claims.
  • Summarize and clarify services that are covered, professionals that can be
    reimbursed and visits that are billable.

Registry, Reporting and Care Coordination:

  • Leveraging Epic’s Healthy Planet & Cerner’s HealtheIntent infrastructure to build
    custom Registry for the Behavioral Health Program and capture SDOH (social
    determinants of health) data about your patients
  • Design & development of Reports and Dashboards to help them keep track of their
    patient populations and monitor key metrics
  • Using the Longitudinal Plan of Care to keep all members of the patient’s care team
    engaged in the patient’s care and goals


Husein Attarwala, PMP – Lead Population Health, Ambulatory and MyChart Analyst

Vishal Patel – Lead Healthy Planet & Ambulatory Analyst


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