Children’s Hospital Colorado in Aurora, CO is ranked nationally in 9 pediatric specialties. Children’s Hospital Colorado is a 440-bed children’s general facility with 14,259 admissions in the most recent year reported. It performed 4,768 annual inpatient and 14,376 outpatient surgeries. Its emergency room had 96,215 visits. This hospital was one of 89 facilities that were ranked in at least one of 10 specialties in the 2014-15 Best Children’s Hospitals.

Contineo Health’s Epic consulting team has been helping Children’s Hospital implement and optimize Epic EMR; specifically with Epic Reporting/Analytics, EpicCare Ambulatory and MyChart groups for the past 3 years. Some of the projects we have been involved with at Children’s are summarized below.

Reporting/ETL/Analytics Contineo’s Reporting and Analytics group helped Children’s implement several new features and upgrades with respect to Epic Data Analytics over the past 3 years. Children’s Hospital has implemented various cutting edge Reporting technologies and features including Slicer Dicer, Cogito Data warehouse, Tableau, etc., The most important projects that Contineo’s Reporting Team have been involved in were Epic 2012 version upgrade, Meaningful Use Stage -1 implementation (ETL and Reporting), ICD9- ICD10 conversion, Epic’s ETL Infrastructure across various environments and significant on-going support for Reports and ETL.

Epic 2012 Upgrade Children’s went live with Epic 2012 version in August 2013 and Contineo’s Epic Reporting and Analytics group assisted with the Epic 2012 version upgrade; modifying existing reports to sync up with the new 2012 database changes. This group was mainly responsible for designing the project plan for the ETL framework and performed end to end testing to ensure a successful go-live. Some of the key tasks for the upgrade were running the compass upgrades, hyperspace/console upgrades and generating all the database object scripts, doing a gap-analysis, datalink RDBMS/compass synchronization, analyzing database objects and dependencies, setting up the property values of certain database objects, complete backfilling the existing tables, CR Packs and KB SQL table generations.

Meaningful Use Contineo’s team assisted Children’s Hospital in setting up the Meaningful Use framework to ensure all the necessary information was extracted to report both objective measures and quality measures for both physicians and hospitals.

ICD10 Migration Children’s Hospital is in the process of its ICD10 migration and at this moment our team has generated a list of all existing reports that are impacted with this conversion and modified and testing all reports to map appropriately to corresponding ICD10 fields

Epic ETL Our team was responsible for maintaining the ETL infrastructure across 5 different environments; PROD- Production environment to load data from Chronicles to Clarity; MUE- Meaningful Use environment to extract MU related tables; TEST- Test environment to build new custom clarity tables and perform end to end testing of extracting and reporting data; ICD- ICD environment to test the ICD10 conversion process and make sure that the corresponding ICD 10 fields are being extracted properly; DMU- DATA MODEL UPGRADE environment to primarily test the monthly SUs from Epic before deploying them in production.

Epic Reporting Our team was responsible for building Operational, Analytical and Quality Improvement reports without being restricted to any specific data model/application. We have built a vast number of reports in the areas of Ambulatory, Inpatient, Cadence, ADT & Prelude, Optime, Cadence, Resolute hospital billing, Beacon, HIM and Willow.

EpicCare Ambulatory Contineo’s Ambulatory team was responsible for development and production support that included creating new programs/applications to support business needs with a primary focus in Pediatric Specialties. Contineo’s consultants handled the Pediatric Specialty Clinic ownership and lead Analyst responsibilities for Pediatrics specialty clinics which included the Design, Build, Implementation and Test and Support phases of projects for the Research team. Our team also led the build for Research workflows for the EPIC 2012 Upgrade. This included building New Research Specific Security classes (ECL) as part of New EPIC 2012 functionality and provided on-site support post upgrade to end users and providers having any issues with the new EPIC 2012.

We were involved in creating a New Patient Enrollment Statuses (LAR) for research studies and defined the statuses to be Active and Pre-enrollment in System definitions to ensure the foundation of any further build. Contineo’s team were also Involved in the creation of new Research Protocol/study records (RSH) as well as maintaining the existing Protocol Records. Additionally, we led the rearch analysis for the joint Project between Children’s Hospital Colorado and University of Colorado Hospital and implemented the Research Study Association to an Encounter and Research Protocol Association, which involved a system to flag for research specific orders. These flags were used as the foundation to drive complex workflows on restricting the information pertaining to Research.

Epic MyChart Our Mychart team worked with providers of different departments from Childrens to help design and build, customized questionnaires that suited their needs. This involved integrating the questionnaires into different workflows at various levels. The team also designed the visit navigator menu items to help in the seamless integration of questionnaires into the providers work screen/workflow. This included the Build synopsis flowsheet records and development of the synopsis section to assist in reviewing the questionnaires and flowsheets. We also assisted in the Data Courier of the MyChart build to upper environments while maintaining data integrity across environments and profile groups.